The Colorado Coalition of Travel Health Professionals (CCTHP)


“To promote awareness and education about travel health and safety”

Travel medicine is a frontier specialty that is complex, highly specialized and encompasses a broad body of knowledge.  CCTHP was formed in 2008 to bring together travel health practitioners in an informal forum to connect and share expertise.  Membership includes travel health professionals from public and private sectors: physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and others.


The goal of the coalition is to provide a forum for:
*  Travel health professionals to connect, assist each other and share expertise
* Unbiased information sharing for healthy and safe travel
* Presentation and discussion of complex cases
* Development of standards of practice to ensure safe travel and prevention of illness and communicable diseases overseas and imported to the US
* Dissemination of up-to-date travel health information on immunizations, health issues and treatment interventions
*  Provision of travel medicine education locally and nationally
*  Communication of up-to-date travel health information from the CDC, State and other regulatory agencies
*  Development of local and state travel health promotion through publications, website links and other educational resources to promote travel health as a valuable service in our Colorado communities

Meetings are held quarterly for two hours in a central Colorado location.

Conference calling is provided.

Presentations have included:
*  “HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, David Cohn, MD – Denver Public Health (DPH)
*  “Rabies”, Jennifer Brown, DVM – Tri-County Health Department
*  “Travel Health Consultation; Not Just a Hobby”, Julie Lohre, MS, NP – DPH
*  “The Immunocompromised Traveler”, Michelle Haas, MD – UC Denver
*   “Polio Eradication Project 2005 in India”, Tista Ghosh MD, MPH – Tri-County Health Department
*  “When to advise travelers about the risk for TB”, Randall Reves, MD – DPH
*  “Tropical Disease”, Kathryn Springer, MD – Porter Adventist Hospital
*  “Global Burden of Dengue and Vaccine Prospects”, Bill Letson, MD – El Paso County Public Health Department
*  “High Altitude Medicine: What Travel Practitioners Need to Know”, Peter Hackett, Institute for High Altitude Medicine

For more information and/or to become a member of the CCTHP, contact:

Julie Lohre, MS, NP at julielohre@comcast.net